A common sense approach to digital strategy and design

Coming to Amazon and book stores in April 2023

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    Who should read this book?

    This book is for anyone who wants a common sense approach to creating better digital products and services in cross-competency collaboration.

    For example:

    • Product managers and agile coaches who want to create a shared understanding of priorities in cross-functional teams
    • User experience and service designers who want to bring the customer journey down to earth and create great stuff that actually works
    • Content strategists and designers who want a go-to tool to combine the user’s perspective with strategic objectives
    • Web editors and content operations managers who want to involve key stakeholders to create high quality digital content
    • Consultants and marketers who want to engage their clients and create grounded digital projects
    • Leaders and business developers who want to create awareness and ownership of the strategy in the organization
    • Lecturers and students who want a simple overview of connections between user experience, strategy, marketing and content design

    Design thinking in a nutshell

    This book teaches you how to use the core model, a practical approach to creating better content for digital products and services.

    The method helps you to:

    • think both strategically and user-oriented at the same time
    • see your product or service from a holistic perspective
    • collaborate across different departments and disciplines
    • put the content at the center
    • start with what’s most important
    • make it simple and concrete

    The method is developed by the author(s), who have more than 25 years of experience in digital product and service development.


    The beauty and power of the core model is in it's simplicity. In a sea of tools, techniques and practices, it stands out as a clear truism in design.- Jim Kalbach
    The core model works. In all its simplicity, and with all its power, it enables us to balance users' tasks with our own goals. For us, it has been absolutely central in the work of making customer orientation something more than empty talk. - Torstein Aas-Hansen
    I think this is an extremely important contributions, one of the 2-3 most noteworthy additions to the canon of what it means to be a content professional. - Jeffrey MacIntyre
    The book is packed with practical advice that you can start to apply to your work straight away. (...) It'll be a book I come back to time and time again. - Robert Mills
    The genius of the core model is how simple it is. Anyone can use it. I never go into a workshop without a core sheet in my bag. - Ove Dalen


    Coming to Amazon and book stores in April!

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